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Note: This article was originally sent out at 12:30 at noon, but because the author was so hungry, I accidentally wrote the title as "Leicester 2-0 Manchester City xxxxx", which led to the follow-up request by our wise Shenwu to strictly act correctly (life-saving) The editor of Shiyi APP is hidden, so I dare to resend it here. Please understand!

注意:本文最初是在中午12:30发出的,但由于作者太饿了,所以我不小心将标题写为“莱斯特2-0曼城xxxxx”,这导致了我们的明智者的后续要求神武严格执行正确操作(挽救生命)Shiyi APP的编辑器处于隐藏状态,因此我不敢在这里重新发送它。请理解!

Rogers, it's really amazing.


After watching this game, the author did have a new understanding of Rogers's leveling achievements in the past few years after leaving Liverpool. Even though Rodgers led Fox City to a sudden rise last season and competed for the Champions League place to the last minute, I admit that I still look down on him in my heart. In terms of Rogers' tactical qualities alone, among young coaches, I would like to call Rogers second to none. But often, when faced with the pressure of a powerful enemy, Rogers will be somewhat lack of confidence, and thus slightly abnormal in the level of formation.


Last season, facing Manchester City, Leicester City was double-killed by them. Especially in the first round of the contest in December last year (I was fortunate to witness the match between these two blue teams on the spot). In Etihad, although Vardy beat Walker again (why did I say'again') , Everyone knows better than me...), before the end of the first half, scored a goal for the passive Fox City.


However, in the second half of that game, the fast defensive tactics that had worked in Fox City were firmly suppressed by Blue Moon, and there were few counterattacks. On the other hand, Manchester City relied on Mahrez's old master (he is here again...) to sound the horn of a full-scale attack. In the end, Manchester City reversed Fox City 3-1, Rogers lost a move, unfortunately lost. But this time, Rogers, who visited Etihad again, pulled out his best anti-reverse formation after all his thoughts. This 5-4-1 lineup can not only accumulate heavy forces in the backcourt to reduce the penetration of Manchester City's passing space, but also quickly launch an offensive from both wings when switching from defense to offense.


As long as the single arrow of Vardy is in front, Fox City is equivalent to holding a sharp knife in its paws that ignores the opponent’s armor (in fact, facing Vardy, Manchester City’s defense is basically the same as Xu Chu in naked clothes. Up). Moreover, the players on the wing of Leicester are all good players who attack quickly and return to defense. Harvey Barnes was already famous last season, so I won’t show it here for the time being; but Castagne, the all-around winger from Atlanta who set off an offensive frenzy in European football last season , Let the blue fox plug in its complete wings. In the position of the wing guard, Castagne's ability to intersperse assists is a new offensive direction that Fox City can rely on in the future.

只要Vardy的单箭在前面,福克斯城就等于在其爪子上握了一把锋利的刀,而忽略了对手的盔甲(实际上,面对Vardy,曼城的防守与穿衣服的徐楚基本相同。向上)。而且,莱切斯特侧翼的球员都是能迅速进攻并重回防守的好球员。哈维·巴恩斯(Harvey Barnes)上个赛季已经很出名了,所以我暂时不在这里展示。但是来自亚特兰大的全能边锋卡斯塔涅(Castagne)上个赛季在欧洲足球比赛中掀起了一场进攻狂潮,让蓝狐插入完整的翅膀。在后卫位置上,卡斯塔涅的助攻能力是福克斯城未来可以依靠的新进攻方向。

Of course, the core figure who can make Leicester City's counterattack so all-in-one must be Vardy who completed the hat-trick in this campaign. In the case of Manchester City suffered a surge of injuries and a temporary patchwork of defense lines, Vardy, who would never be merciful, continuously "out of the sheath", allowing Eric Garcia and others to pay tuition.


Facing Walker and Garcia, Vardy fully displayed his powerful starting speed and ghostly running ability. When Vatti controlled the ball in front of him and jammed Walker/Garcia's defensive position, the latter two had no choice but to foul in a hurry. In fact, Vardy's "big victory" is the epitome of the fact that Fox City defeated Mendy and Walker in the counterattack in this game.


In the absence of major generals in this game, Guardiola was unable to discharge a de facto lineup (Aguero and Jesus did not play due to injuries). However, Sterling, who is relatively forward in the frontcourt offensive four-man group, is not very comfortable with this position. In addition, as mentioned in the previous article, Leicester City’s defense is focused on compressing the space for the Blue Moon to further intersect in the frontcourt. In this case, no matter how great Manchester City’s advantage in ball possession is, it is difficult to really knock down. The gate behind Schmeichel. Although Mahrez’s "Eating, Sleeping and Killing the Old Master" will never be absent, from a tactical point of view, his story of flying from the sky is more of a manifestation of extraordinary personal ability, and it cannot be used as Manchester City to tear up Leicester City. A standing weapon for solid defense.

在这场比赛中缺少少将的情况下,瓜迪奥拉无法解除事实上的阵容(阿圭罗和耶稣由于受伤没有上场)。但是,在前场进攻型四人制小组中相对较前的斯特林对此职位并不十分满意。另外,如前一篇文章所述,莱斯特城的防守侧重于压缩蓝月亮的空间,使其在前场进一步相交。在这种情况下,无论曼城在控球方面的优势有多大,都很难真正击倒。 Schmeichel后面的大门。尽管永远不会缺席Mahrez的“吃饭,睡觉和杀死大师”,但从战术角度来看,他从天上飞的故事更多地体现了非凡的个人能力,不能用作曼彻斯特城撕毁莱斯特城。坚实防御的站立武器。

In the case of little success in the frontcourt offense, Mendy and Walker, the dull and unhappy brothers, are basically based in the center and back of Fox City, trying to contribute to Manchester City's tough battle. It is a pity that after they took turns, the pressure on Fernandinho, Aker and Garcia suddenly increased, because Fox City, in turn, could just use the prairie space on both wings of Manchester City to carry out a gallop-like counterattack. If it weren't for Barnes and Justin's handling of the ball in a few counterattacks, Fox City would have been able to harvest the score.


However, after so many counterattacks, the power of Fox City's counterattack has already been well understood by us. At this point, Guardiola cannot be unclear. But it's really difficult for Guashuai here. There are only a few cards he can use temporarily. The fiasco of this game can only be said to expose the fact that Garcia and Mendy are really embarrassing. Gua Shuai can only rely on the combination of these talented attackers in the frontcourt to take a step by step. For this reason, Gua Shuai also chose to give up a part of the price of defensive strength. It is a pity that in the face of Fox City, which is not too bad in hard power, solid anti-counterfeiting routines, and has many excellent players, Manchester City's incomplete system cannot be defeated. From this point of view, the impact of David Silva's departure on Manchester City will continue for some time.

但是,经过如此多的反击,福克斯城的反击力量已经为我们所熟知。在这一点上,瓜迪奥拉还不清楚。但是这里的瓜帅真的很难。他只能暂时使用几张卡片。这场比赛的惨败只能说暴露了加西亚和门迪确实令人尴尬的事实。瓜帅队只能依靠前场这些才华横溢的攻击者的组合来逐步采取行动。由于这个原因,瓜帅还选择放弃一部分防守实力。令人遗憾的是,面对福克斯城,这在硬实力,稳固的防伪惯例方面还算不错,并且拥有许多优秀的球员,但是曼彻斯特城不完善的体系无法被击败。从这个角度来看,大卫席尔瓦(David Silva)离开对曼城的影响将持续一段时间。

There is almost nothing else to talk about in this game. Manchester City has not only suffered from the overwhelming use of its own defensive players, but it is also objectively difficult to resist Leicester's sharpness because the team itself has not reached the "most already formed". Fight back. However, a few hours after the defeat in this battle, the defense demon Ruben Dias officially came to Blue Moon from Benfica at a high price of 71.6 million euros. His arrival should be what Gua Shuai has been dreaming of recently, and it can somewhat alleviate the lack of ability of Manchester City's players on the defense line and the upper limit of the system.


Returning to Rogers, the current Uncle Luo Fang is no longer the Wu Xia Amon of the year. Fox City and him are a match made in heaven. The dressing room with no superstar flavor is very suitable for Rogers, who is a little restrained, to fully mobilize. Players with great potential are also fortunate to meet a coach like Rogers who is patient, good at training and training their young players (opposite That Sterling, remember who made you a talent?). After the rematch of last season, Rogers' bad luck, several key generals lay down on the hospital bed one after another, which directly led to Fox City's impact on the Champions League seat. So in this season, I hope Rogers and his disciples can make up for the regrets of last season and realize their dreams. Lords of Fox City, please make it to the Champions League after this season is over (of course, you must be merciful to Liverpool's two rounds, 5555)!


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